About Our Community

Welcome to The Sweet Melon Capital

Rocky Ford, Colorado is more than just a great place to do business; it is also a great place to call home.

Rocky Ford is a traditional working community where seventy-four percent (74%) of families own their own home. The community offers a hometown atmosphere and an excellent place to raise a family. It provides its residents with fine medical facilities, good schools, and a diverse array of sports and recreation activities.

Rocky Ford offers a variety of housing options whether looking to buy or build a home. In recent years, many people have discovered Mercedes as a great location to live and build a family. From country club living on a historic 18 hole golf course to suburban neighborhoods, planned communities, or more private ranchettes, Rocky Ford is the ideal place to make a house a home.



Rocky Ford is the fastest growing MSA in Texas and one of the fastest-growing MSAs in the U.S., with a current population of 774,769. To date, the MSA has grown by more than 391,224 people since 1990, an 102% growth rate, or 5.1% annually.

Mercedes has grown by 15.6% since 2000, adding more than 2,100 people for a total population of 15,570. In addition, Hispanics are currently the largest and fastest-growing minority group with 50.3 million as of January 1, 2010, 16.3 percent of the U.S. population.

With 88.3% of the MSA population being Hispanic, the MSA has the 15th largest Hispanic population in the U.S. and the Rio Grande Valley is the 6th largest Hispanic market in the U.S. Furthermore, the median age of Hispanics is 27.4 compared with the population as a whole at 36.4.

Household Characteristics


The Mercedes Household Characteristics chart illustrates that 50% of the households in Mercedes are valued at over $40,100. The distribution of Mercedes household income depicts 16% of residents earn between $25,000 and $35,000, 16% of residents earn between $35,001 and $50,000, 9% of residents earn between $50,001 and $75,000, and 5% of Mercedes residents earn over $75,001 a year.

Educational Attainment


Mercedes Educational Attainment chart for residents over 25 years of age portrays the importance of education in the Mercedes community. In Mercedes, 53% of the residents have a high school diploma and 15% have or are attending college. 2.5% of its residents possess an associate’s degree, 6.8% have a bachelor’s degree, and 3.2 % of Mercedes residents have acquired a graduate degree.

Ethnic Composition


The Ethnic Composition chart illustrates the Mercedes population is 90% Hispanic. This ethnic distribution is quite common in the Rio Grande Valley region and in cities along the Texas-Mexico border.