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Rocky Ford Steering Committee

Guiding the restoration of Rocky Ford and the Lower Arkansas Valley project at a time!

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine all of the dilapidated areas of Rocky Ford that were once vibrant and beautiful being

restored in all of their splendor?

The Steering Committee is dedicated to making sure the citizen's opinions are taken into consideration

when restoring Rocky Ford.


YOUr opinion MATTERs

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The Revitalization Planning (so far)

Image of a woman on horseback holding USA flag in the rodeo arena.

Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds Improvements

The Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds serves as the host to the Arkansas Valley Fair - the oldest, continuous fair in the State of Colorado. It is also a place for many youth activities, rodeos, and other community events throughout the year.


The infrastructure needs renovations. Everything from the pavement to the lighting is in need of improvement.


We'd like to know what you would like to see happen at the fairgrounds, both negative and positive input is encouraged!


This is the input we have received thus far:

  • Benches and sun shelters are needed in the midway

  • The pavement is uneven and unsafe

  • The ramp to the grandstands isn't ADA compliant

  • The restrooms are in bad shape

  • The entire arena needs an overhaul such as new fencing, bucking shoots, announcer's booth, catch pins, lighting, etc.

Crystal Lake Park Revitalization

Crystal Lake, a long-forgotten gem, is a historical site that originated when the sugar factory was booming. The man-made lakes were used to wash sugar beets before being processed into sugar. The lakes were the property of the American Beet Sugar Company, and later, the American Crystal Sugar Company. The lakes were also used as both swimming and fishing holes for many!

The City of Rocky Ford acquired the lakes after the sugar factory closed in the late '70s and developed them into a recreational area. This area was called Crystal Lake because of the American Crystal Sugar Company. Work was done to preserve the lakes for fishing; picnic tables and grills were placed throughout the paths that led to the lakes. Slowly, over the years, the lakes were left empty and the picnic areas fell victim to vandalism.


Today, Crystal Lake is 25 acres of an open recreation area, overgrown with trees, but has several walking trails where you might see wildlife wandering about.


This area has a vast opportunity to be developed into a new recreation space; the possibilities are VAST!

Image by Aaron Burden

What We've Heard So Far

Upcoming Events

Fun events we're planning to gather the community and get all of your opinions...and to just HAVE FUN!

Kids at the Drive-in

September 17th, 2022

Couple in Winter Clothes

Winter Engagement Event

December 2022

Kids with Calf

Want To Get Involved?

Complete the Community Input Survey along with your name and contact info,

and we'll follow up with the next steps on getting involved.

Community Input Survey:

Join the Facebook Group:

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